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Owning where you are

A moment of reflection.

A few months ago I went to an event where a woman on the panel shared her journey on how she started her business. Bur before she went into details of hoe she managed things. she shared when things turn a turn and no matter what she tried to do she felt like nothing was working. She lost clients and was barley able to pay her staff. After Doing things alone for many years she shared how she went back to her roots to find her purpose again. As I stood there in disbelief she continued by saying how she went back to her home church and begin to serve learning how to mange a team properly while also making an impact in her community she was able to come back in her business full swing with new skills, a better mindset and a closer relationship with God all while doing what she loved.

I went back and forth on sharing this not out of fear but remembering that story I want to own where I am. These images represent growth in community and the huge chapters of my childhood that I will always cherish.

I started taking photos of people in church. My church family encouraged my talents and I began to cover any and anything my church had going on. It was an opportunity for me to serve my community , gain experience and showcase my talents. Over the years I have had a tug of war with my spiritual journey but this is where it all began for me. This was the time I learned that I enjoyed capturing more than just faces but the stories they told.

So you can imagine years later reconnecting with so many familiar faces I felt connected again. And don't get me wrong I appreciate everyone who has ever booked with me but church is where I feel free it's a time I can capture gods work without any boundaries.

I say all this to say maybe you're feeling stuck because you need to go back to the space or place where it all began. Maybe it's time to reconnect with younger you that dared to be different and maybe even a little weird and see where It takes you!


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